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Incredible, amazing, extremely useful or simply fashionable. It is your creation, you are proud of it and you are seriously thinking to legally protect it. But is it as new and unique as you think it is? Don’t waste your time and money. Before starting the process of applying for a patent, make sure you know all it is to know about your invention and its eligibility.

For any invention that is about to be the subject of a patent application, the first recommended step is a patent search. Although you can try to research your invention by yourself, it is easier and faster to use professional services in identifying existing utility patents or applications that are similar to your invention.

Our patent search services include a comprehensive research with the purpose of identifying already existing, similar inventions in related fields, a clear and easy to use report of the findings and a guide to help you better understand the results. All sent by mail via a two-day shipping. Our services have lifetime customer support and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, will help you save time and money and, evaluate correctly the eligibility of your invention for a utility patent.

Generally, to determine if an invention meets the non-obviousness and novelty requirements for eligibility, a prior art research needs to be conducted. Such a research can be made online or using the resources of a patent depository library. Whatever the method chosen, such a research usually takes a lot of time if you don’t hire an attorney or the specialized service of a firm to do it for you.

For the non-obvious requirement, you should invest some time in describing the history of the inventions in related fields. This has the purpose of explaining why your invention is not just a logical and natural step in the evolution of existing articles and products.

Remember that your search should not be limited to completely new technology and that it should also include significant improvements or uses of already existing creations.

If you wish to have your invention researched by our professionals, you can benefit from a comprehensive research identifying all relevant patent applications and patents similar to yours. You will receive a complete and easy to use report and a guide to help you understand the results.

Description of your invention should include the following information:

Description of its components and materials used in each component

The function that each component has in the overall invention

Unique aspects of each component

Overall function of your invention and its use.

It is important to use a title that describes clearly the function, type and purpose of your invention. Avoid using a title that has a marketing purpose (trademark, brand) and be as specific as you can.

There are few inventions that have only one use, even if we are talking about secondary uses. The more uses your invention has, the better it is because it can broaden the protection offered by the patent. Make sure you describe every alternative use that your invention has.

Performing a patent research before applying for a patent is the smart way to go for saving money and time. Similar inventions with patents or pending applications need to be identified before applying for a patent.

With our professional patent research services your invention will be thoroughly researched and sent to you by email with a guide to help you understand every detail. The process begins with a simple questionnaire that you can fill in on our website. Verify your invention now and protect it with the appropriate patent.