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Trademark Office Action

In some cases, after you have filed a trademark application within the United States Patent and Trademark Office you will receive a response tagged as an “Office action.”

This means that there are some problems with your application.

An office action notice will usually include details regarding the reason why your application was rejected and what requirements must be met to fix the respective issue.


A trademark applicant will receive an Office action if his trademark registration application is rejected by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. It is an official document written by an examiner and it usually includes the reasons of rejection and a list of requirements that the application needs to meet in order to be accepted for reconsideration.

If you wish to continue registering your trademark, you have to answer within six months from the mailing date of the office action letter. If you don’t want to continue, all you have to do is not answer, and your application will be abandoned.

A non-final Office action presents an issue identified in your application for the first time. A final Office action is issued after you have answered to a prior Office action and failed to resolve the presented issues.

Once an applicant has received a final Office action letter the applicant has only two options:

  • To comply with the requirements included in the office action

  • To file an appeal with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

If you don’t know how to respond to an Office action and resolve the indicated issue, a our experienced attorney can solve your problem and help your get your trademark back on track.